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Fisher & Paykel Experience Centres

Fisher & Paykel needed an exciting and beautiful way to showcase all of their products, in partner stores and their own Experience Centres - without needing the floor space for hundreds of appliances.

Satellite’s DSM (Digital Signage Manager) allows Fisher & Paykel to manage and showcase all of their products in every store, worldwide from one cloud based system.

We created applications that allow Fisher & Paykel customers to browse the full catelogue of available products, life size in store and in-situ. The applications run on a number of different screens including an 84” touch screen allowing the user to experience the full size of the product in 4K resolution. 


The DSM also allows F&P to regionalise the browsing experience depending on which country and store it is being used in, only showing those products available to that particular region and store.

Personalising the experience

As well as creating a beautiful browsing experience, the applications in store allow the user to send products to themselves as a ‘wishlist’ to look at later.  The user simply enters their phone number to add a product, it then sends them a unique link to their own personalised web page with all the products they selected.


As an additional feature to the project, Satellite created a live dashboard which allowed us to view and manage coupon claims and redemptions in real time.

This reporting gave us visibility to see peak redemption and claim times allowing Coca-Cola to review and adjust their media placements and spend to get the most out of the campaign.

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