Integration and Hardware

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Integration and Hardware

Satellite Tag provides all the hardware required for event registration - Laptops, Microsoft Surfaces, lanyard printers, RFID/NFC scanners, barcode readers, full colour label printers, wall-mounted digital signage, kiosk touch screens and all the networking requirements, complete with WIFI, 4g and 3g fallback options.

We can organise any custom fabrication you might need too.

If you want 100 iPads hanging from a fake tree structure, we can do that too.

Dave Cooper Technical Director


Satelite Tag can pull data from any number of other systems including eTouches,, EventBrite, Fuseport and even CSV and Excel - if that's what you have. Consuming API data is our favourite thing.


Satellite Tag has a good supply of vending machines that can vend just about anything. Payment options include NFC credit, credit card or debit card, or custom touchscreen application (which only unlocks a vend if the user completes something onscreen). Then depending on the option used, the vending machine can even be connected to Facebook or Twitter to share whatever they vended.


Satellite's onsite event staff can also handle all event logistics, transport, networking, power, signage, council consents, outside broadcast, pack in and out.

They are all Worksafe certified, first aid certified and an all-round great team of people to work with.

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