Imagine your Theme Park

as integrated as a Disney park

Satellite Tag for Theme Parks

Satellite Tag deploys a dedicated instance of its platform for any venue, allowing us to fully customise the solution to your theme park's exact need. We work closely with theme park management to deliver theme park technology that allows visitors to get a richer experience.

Integrate these systems

By assigning an NFC tag to every visitor to your theme park, you'll be letting them interact with anything and everything at your venue. Satellite Tag can be enabled to support ticket sales and gate access when they arrive. Once inside the theme park their tag can be loaded with credit to run a cashless venue, or it could contain credits for access to hospitality or rides, and it can hold eligibility for certain special areas. 

A mobile companion website could hold park information, maps, rules, health and safety information and can even be used to purchase and retrieve official photography from their day. And at the end of the day, theme park management get a dashboard of visibility showing them all the reporting they need.

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