Reimagine a shopping experience

within a physical store

Satellite Tag for Retail

While most would think about ecommerce when you start talking about technology for retail, Satellite Tag is the technology you can use in your physical store to enrich the shopping experience.

Unlike other retail technologies, Satellite Tag deploys a dedicated instance of its platform for each store or showroom, allowing us to fully customise the experience to our customers exact need. We work closely with store managers to deliver retail technology solutions.

Putting it together

Satellite Tag's NFC capability, combined with a personalised mobile companion can allow shoppers to collect a virtual shopping cart as they browse the room, creating a shortlist of their favourites without having to carry them around with them. At the end of the shop, they have their own personalised record of everything they were interested in, and can complete the purchase with ease.

As the store owner you collect valuable data on the visitors to your store and the products they were interested in, opening up opportunities of lead generation, customer loyalty, or targeted re-marketing.

The following components can make up the retail solution. These are all components built onto the Satellite Tag platform and each comes with our existing experience and capability to ensure everything runs seamlessly within your store or showroom. 

Shopping intelligence right there in the physical shop

Not ecommerce