Students get organised

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Satellite Tag for Education

Educational institutes can use Satellite Tag in a variety of ways, and in doing so can demonstrate their innovative approach to education. This is possible because Satellite Tag deploys a dedicated instance of its platform for each education event, allowing us to fully customise the experience to our customers exact need. We work closely with orientation and student event organisers to deliver event technology solutions.

How to get Students Organised

Students who register to attend open days, or orientation events can be stored directly into Satellite Tag. Once their record exists, event organisers can use Satellite Tag to communicate more about the event through their own personalised mobile companion where students can create their own schedule from a programme of activities. But the mobile companion can also be used for maps, bus timetables, student ambassador profiles and a wealth of other information to help students manage their orientation.

By assigning students an NFC Tag, they could check into programme sessions throughout the day. Satellite Tag records these check-ins, enabling the organisers to understand who attended what activities, and also to send further information on the sessions they had attended to students at the end of the day.

The following components can make up the education solution. These are all components built onto the Satellite Tag platform and each comes with our existing experience and capability to ensure everything runs seamlessly at your student event.

Student events using Satellite Tag

Ensuring Orientation doesn't become disorentation

Herding cats