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Concerts, Shows and Music Festivals

As attendees at an event, music fans aren't interested in anything but the band/show they've paid to see. So any technology they encounter at the event has to be seamlessly integrated and painless to use. That said, there's plenty of scope to enhance their experience using Satellite Tag.

Online Ticket Sales

Satellite Tag's ticketing can be customised for different packages or pricing options, and because the whole process is paperless, there are no barriers. And with no commission per ticket sale, it's very cost effective no matter what size venue you need to fill.

Combined with either Satellite Tag's Access Control or Registration solutions, you can reduce queues at the gate and get music fans into the venue quickly and safely. 

Custom experiences at concerts and festivals

If you issue your concert-goers with their own unique NFC tag, the possiblilities get really interesting. Festival goers can start engaging with sponsors, like entering competitions with a single swipe or the wrist or getting their photos taken by an official event photographer, and with a simple swipe, get their photo posted to them on their own unique webpage photo album.

Credit can be loaded to their NFC account which might be used to get access activities within the venue, for example getting on rides or participating in experiences. The same credit solution could be used on vending machines to allow a certain number of 'free' vends

A different kind of credit could be used to manage a cashless event, where all the food and beverage options are paid for by credit loaded to their NFC account.

Combined with Satellite Tag's access control, their NFC tag could be used to access special VIP areaslike back stage or as a form of ID to get into licenced areas where alcohol is sold.

Spotify playlists relating to the performer on stage could be saved and stored via a simple swipe of their wristband, enabling festival goers to collect playlists of all their favourites throughout the day.

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