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Manage your next event with Satellite Tag and NFC

NFC and Satellite Tag

One of the primary advantages of using Satellite Tag at your event is the ability to manage your guests' activity with a unique NFC tag.


NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It's a unique identifier which when assigned to a guest at your event (in the form of a wristband, lanyard, plastic card, sticker, or other) creates the ability to provide engaging experiences for guests and build data for event organisers with a simple swipe against a reader (like paywave).

How it works

  • Guests can check into rooms/sessions by swiping as they enter (to record attendance numbers)

  • Guests can tag into a Sponsors or Exhibitors stand to provide lead generation or data exchange

  • Unlocking or activating other technology at the event, like multi-player games / quizzes

  • Tags can be loaded with credit, enabling you to run a cashless event

  • Allow VIP access to special areas

  • Or any other innovative use like adding a points system to gamify your event

So get your tag on and let’s do this…

You're it!