Crowd participation

Challenge the senses

Interactive Experiences

Let Satellite Tag create interactive experiences for the guests at your event to participate and play with. This is the opportunity to engage and impress your guests. These experiences don't need to be the focal point of your event (although they could be), they're more likely to be an optional extra to create something people will talk about or share on social.


Satellite Tag can create a single or multi-player quiz game, perfect for open plan areas at your event - somewhere there's plenty of room for people to watch the action. Guests walk up to the player plinths at the start of a game and swipe their NFC tag to start. If it's a multi-player page, the system waits for other players to join. A big wall-mounted screen starts the quiz and prompts the first multi-choice question. Players use their touch screen apps on their plinths to answer questions. The app keeps score and lets you know whether you got them right or wrong.

Satellite Tag will generate the quiz questions for your event, customised to a theme or general knowledge. Quiz games can be as long or short as you like. And because players scan their wristbands, the game knows who they are and a leaderboard can keep track of results and display them on the main screen between games.

Optional but successful: Prizes can be provided for top scorers at the end of the day.

Quiz variation

At the 2017 ASB Classic Tennis tournament in Auckland, we provided a stadium-wide quiz to entertain fans between matches. Attendees txt'd a special term to a shortcode number, and in return were given a unique link to their own quiz answer screen. Questions played on the giant stadium screen, and attendees responded to each multi-choice question using their own smart phones.

Networking Kiosk

Satellite Tag can enable your guests to connect with each other. There are multiple variations on how this can work depending on the privacy policy of your event, but in general it can allow one guest to request to connect with another guest.

It can be quite useful in a conference situation to have a few of these kiosks around the venue, helping people either jog their memory on other guests' names, or companies they're from.

If connection requests are accepted by both parties, it can enable a swap of contact detail, or can be used to book a meeting time or a breakout session.

Other event ideas

Satellite Tag has created a number of activation/experiences at events, everything from a stop-motion animated video creator to a fake 'dive off a jetty' using green-screen technology over a giant a crash mat, or there was the time we inserted guests into their own personalised 1970s music video and put them on the cover of Rip it Up magazine.

We can put the real time results of surveys or polls taken at the event on wall-mounted screens.

We have photobooths we can rebrand to suit your event, allowing guests to capture their moment with a quality digital photo and share it with the world - complete with filters, borders, messaging and/or watermarks. 

We can set up a VR space to allow your guests to experience the wonders of an immersive 3D environment.

There are too many options to list out here, but with all of them the intention is to create something fun and memorable to participate in, and then generate a digital asset which can be shareable on social media.

You'll be amazed what you can get your guests to do

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