Online Ticket Sales

Without the huge commissions

Event Ticketing

The online ticket sales solution for your event.

Satellite Tag's event ticketing solution allows you to sell your tickets online, directly through the website we set up for you.

How it works

You can manage your ticket types (set up as products), set their inventory numbers and how much they cost, and control when they go on sale.

Users visit your website and can buy tickets, directly from you - no middle man. They complete a short registration so you know who they are, and pay by credit card. Or you can set an option for them to request an invoice.

And the beauty of Satellite Ticket is, there's no subscription or commission.

Custom ticket pricing rules

Another advantage to Satellite Tag's event ticketing solution is the custom suppport provided for in the special rules.

The system is flexible enough to allow customised pricing rules.

You might have staggered pricing for early-birds sales versus last minute sales. Or you might offer volume discounting, or percentage saving with discount voucher codes, or different pricing based on location... And you'll probably need to manage complimentary tickets too.

These details can be worked through during the planning stages.


Once tickets have been purchased, there's no need for actual physical tickets. With Satellite Tag it all happens online.

In the days leading up to the event, your guests will receive an email (or SMS) containing a personalised link to their mobile companion website. Their ticket is loaded into their personalised website in the form of a unique barcode.

On arrival on the day they present their phone, open on the barcode ticket page of their mobile companion website, and the event staff scan them in as part of their registration - instant recognition, with no delays. At this stage they can be assigned their NFC wristband or lanyard, and they're done.

The Funds

Satellite Tag's ticketing solution does the transactions and manages the payment gateway. From there, either Satellite Tag holds the funds in trust or we can use another company's merchant facility, and they hold it. Satellite Tag then provides the reporting on the transactions.

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