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Event Reporting

Satellite Tag offers a variety of ways to support management of data at your event. And because all engagements are recorded the data can become as granular as you need. Use Satellite Tag to support tracking general attendance or break down into individual sessions. Understand which sponsors are generating the most leads, or how many coffees have been ordered, or how many guests are using the coat check. It really depends on the event you're running and the products you're taking advantage of.

Reporting Dashboard

One of the most valuable products offered by Satellite Tag is the advanced real-time reporting dashboard. You'll get your own secure website to access all your data.

With Satellite Tag event technology running your event, every engagement a visitor makes with the technology is recorded and made visible in your personalised dashboard. The data collected will depend on the other Satellite Tag products you're making use of.

If you're using our event ticketing solution to sell tickets to your event, you'll have visibility of inventory, number of tickets sold, payments completed, invoices requested, total income and more.

Likewise if you're using our registration and accreditation solution you'll have full access to data related to who has registered, and who has arrived on the day/s.

All Satellite Tag products store enagagements in the cloud in real time, making the data always up to date and accurate. This allows event organisers to make educated decisions or adjustments to the program throughout the day to accommodate real demand.

Delegate data

If you're using Satllite Tag to manage registrations, we'll take responsibility for capturing all the delegate information you require. If you manage an existing data set  - maybe exported from your CRM or mailing list, you can provide that existing data to us and we'll import it into Satellite Tag.

Data Security

Satellite adopts industry standard best practices for data security and can detail this with you as a next step.

Finally, some visibility on what's been going on

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