Event Point of Sale Solutions

Make your event cashless

Event Point of Sale Solutions

Satellite Tag's point of sale solutions allow you to take payments at your event. There are several ways we can help manage this.

Cashless system

Remove all the hassle of cash transactions at your event by enabling a cashless environment. Delegates use our simple secure interface to load credit onto their unique account. The credit can then be used within your event by swiping their NFC tag (wristband or lanyard). Vendors at your event are provided handheld devices loaded with our Payment app.

When a guest makes a purchase, the vendor loads the total into the payment app, and to complete the transaction they swipe the guests NFC tag. The credit is deducted from the guests account, and applied to the vendor's account.

Top ups can be online, via our on-site kiosks or at the registration/accrediation desk.

Gift Credit

This system is a simplified version of the cashless system where your guests' NFC tags are preloaded with credits. Maybe it's built into their ticket price, or maybe the credit is just a way to manage / limit the number of things a guest is allowed while they're attending, either way they can use the credit to buy things at your event. e.g. drinks, or a meal, or merchandise.

Once the credit is used up they're done. (Of course administrators could always add more credits to individuals).

Vending Machines

Guests to your event can use their credit card or debit card to make purchases from customised vending machines. The vending machines can be loaded with all kinds of merchandise, and we can create a custom "store front" touch screen application to run in the front of the vending machine. In fact the whole vending machine can be built into a custom unit to match your brand.

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