Event Mobile Companion

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Event Mobile Companion

The mobile website solution for your event.

How it works

Guests get sent an SMS or email containing a personalised link to their own mobile companion. This gives your guests access to a whole toolbox of options which can be customised to suit the type of industry your in.

For conferences the mobile companion might include their event ticket/access, personal event schedule, key conference information, ordering coffee, checking a coat, asking questions, taking a quiz or survey, providing feedback...

While an awards dinner might include their table number and who else is at their table, the ability to connect with colleagues and swap contact details, or a menu ordering option.

At a sporting event, there might be access to VIP catering, or synchronised crowd participation quizes, as well as ordering drinks to be delivered to your seat.

If you have other ideas we can make them happen too.

Event Reporting

As with all Satellite Tag solutions, all the interactions managed within the mobile companion contribute to the data collected at your event. Data can be displayed via the advanced real-time reporting dashboard, helping event organisers understand their event and guests better and enabling decisions for future events to be based on real insights.

Modules for the mobile companion

  • Ticket
  • Personalised agenda
  • Session booking (program builder)
  • Event Information
  • Live speaker Q&A
  • Live polls
  • Travel info
  • Delegate networking
  • Contact us
  • Feedback forms
  • Sponsor profiles
  • Speaker profiles
  • Maps / Way finding
  • Photos
  • Food & Bev ordering
  • Social media modules
  • Event content collection
  • Health & Safety
  • SMS alerts
  • Custom pages / generic content pages

All the information you need at your fingertips

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