Exhibitor and Sponsor Lead Gen

No more business cards

Event Exhibitor and Sponsor Lead Generation

Will you have sponsors at your event or conference? Satellite Tag has the perfect exhibitor and sponsor lead generation solution for your event.

How it works

Firstly, all your guests will need to be equipped with Satellite Tag's NFC unique identifier - a lanyard or wristband, or other (but that won't be a problem as it's a core feature of Satellite Tag).

All your sponsors are issued with a handheld device preloaded with Satellite Tag's Sponsors app. The apps can easily be configured to support sponsor branding and to prompt likely lead requests e.g. expressions of interest in specific products or services.

When one of your guests requests a follow up appointment, or additional information about a product or service, it's as simple as using the handheld device to scan the guests NFC identifier then selecting what the guest is interested in.

Done. Lead generated!

The information is stored on Satellite Tag's secure servers and can be exported and provided to each of the Sponsors after the event.

Everybody wins

Demonstrating value to sponsors

No more requesting details and furiously trying to accurately scrawl them down while trying to engage in a conversation. Sponsors can scan and accurately capture a qualified lead in a matter of 2-3 seconds while maintaining their guests' attention without distraction. After the event the Sponsors get a real, measurable reflection of the value they were able to generate out of their sponsorship with a list of qualified leads to follow up.

Demonstrating value to guests / delegates

Guests who engage a sponsor have a painless/paperless way to request a follow up, specific to their interests. No forms or questionnaires to complete.

Demonstrating value to event hosts

As the event host you have the advantage of providing a slick, modern, technology-based solution for your sponsors to use. You'll get to demonstrate measurable results for your sponsors, and the guests at your event will appreciate the simplicity of it all.

Your sponsors will thank you for it

Keep Sponsors Happy