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Event Access Control

The ability to control who goes where at your event. From VIP access to the special after party, to keeping track of the number of guests attending certain sessions at your event, Satellite Tag's Event Access Control system makes it simple.

How it works

Your guests are assigned their own personalised NFC tag to use at your event. You can find out more about other ways Satellite Tag uses NFC below, but one of the most universal applications is for access control.

Access gates

Special automated access gates can be set up at the entrance/exit of rooms or spaces at your event. These gates are fitted with scanners designed to prompt people to 'swipe' as they pass through. This 'swipe' can be used to count guests. At a very granular level, event organisers can capture specific guest movements, and in a broader sense they can see how many people are attending specific sessions or rooms at certain times.

Access Apps

Satellite Tag also has the option of supplying hand held devices loaded with an Access App. Staff can use these devices to scan guests as they access certain areas. This option can be useful for areas where staff will be managing the flow of people and making sure numbers aren't exceeded.

Special Access

Satellite Tag can also store special flags for certain groups of guests which enables invited guests to access a special room or space, while blocking access to uninvited groups.


One of the fundamental advantages of using Satellite Tag at your event is enabling your guests to carry their own personal NFC identifier. Event guests are issued tags containing a 'near field communication' NFC chip in the form of a wristband, card, lanyard or other device. This is their own personal recognition device.

Tags can be issued to your guests as they arrive (as part of their registration), or if required they can be posted out to guests in advance of the event as part of a welcome/preparation reminder pack.

Your guests carry this with them while they're at your event and it allows them to tag into specific spaces or to participate in multiple activities (depending on the Satellite Tag solutions you're using at your event), things like exhibitor/sponsor expressions of interest, cashless payment, opt-in, competition entry, coffee ordering, coat check, valet parking, claiming photos (from a dedicated event phtographer), find their table, connect with colleagues... the list goes on.

It's like the backstage pass you've always wanted

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