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Providing Value to Delegates, Organisers, and Sponsors

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With Satellite Tag at your event it really is win, win... win. For event organisers, their guests and for sponsors, everybody enjoys the advantages of the capability Satellite Tag event solutions deliver.

Satellite Tag for Delegates

As a guest at an event using Satellite Tag, you see the benefits of paperless ticketing, clear and simple registration (either before the event, or as you arrive). You'll realise how painless it is to check in at the start of the day with short, fast moving queues - even though every one at the event was told to turn up at the same time. There will be a personalised website detailing what you'll need to know while you're at the event. There will be fun activities, it'll be simple to meet other guests, opportunities to win prizes and all of it if will be enabled with a simple swipe of your NFC tag.

Satellite Tag for Organisers

With Satellite Tag, you're working with Satellite Media, a digital production company. Being a production company we're happiest when we're delivering outcomes. We understand events, and we know how to make the technology work for you. You'll get real results. We work smart to achieve the best solution for your event, and we'll make sure it's ready to go on the day! Organisers get visibility of real time reporting on what's going on at their event. They also get a suite of event solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with one another, managing everything from ticket sales to follow-up comms afterwards and everything inbetween.

Satellite Tag for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Sponsors and Exhibitors at your event will appreciate how easy it is to manage lead generation with the tools that Satellite Tag can provide for them. They will get a measurable reflection of the value they were able to generate out of their sponsorship with a list of qualified leads to follow up.

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